About the CO Portal

The CO Portal is the definitive place to find information, updates and learning from our members’ research into carbon monoxide (CO). It brings together the experience in the UK with the developments around the world to help reduce incidences of CO poisoning. The CO Portal has three sections:

  • CO Documents, which holds a variety of standards, legislation, academic resources, and data and reports that have been funded by GST.
  • Downstream Incident Data is a database of reported casualties of CO since 1996. It has been kindly provided by the HSE, British Gas and the Gas Safe Register.
  • Other Data provides a list of links to other data sets, tools and websites related to CO.

About the Gas Safety Trust

The Gas Safety Trust, established in 2005 as a registered charitable body, has become the UK’s leading gas safety research charity with the key objectives of further improving gas/fossil fuel safety for the public and industry throughout the UK and reducing the incidents of death and serious injury from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure. The Trust does this through the funding of research and data collection relating to carbon monoxide poisoning.

We provide grant funding, advice and support to any organisation to carry out research and evidence gathering relating to gas safety. We would currently welcome applications for funding for projects looking at (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Low level exposure
  • Built environment
  • Medics’ understanding and awareness
  • Leisure activities

Since 2013 we have awarded £1.5 million to a variety of programmes and projects relating to gas/fossil fuel safety and carbon monoxide….

You can find out more about how to apply for funding here.

For more information about the Gas Safety Trust click here.

To learn more about how and why the CO Portal was built take a look at the video below: